SPEKTRUM - S6340BL Brushless Low Profile Aluminum Servo

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Rask og sterk lavprofilservo i aluminiumhus med børsteløs motor og høy presisjon til bruk i 1/10 konkuransebiler.

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Spektrum™ high-voltage, brushless servos deliver dependable power and digital precision with amazing efficiency. Finely tuned electronics and software integrate with powerful brushless motor technology to offer ultra-powerful/ultra-fast heli performance more efficiently than servos with conventional motors. Heavy-duty servo lead-wire includes the convenience of a quick-release cable connection. The all-aluminum case provides the ultimate solution in durability and heat dissipation. Precision metal gears satisfy even the most critical heli pilot who wants hassle-free control.

The Spektrum S6340BL uses this solid foundation to achieve its wicked-quick .07 second transit time and incredibly strong 241 oz-in torque rating, plus the peace-of-mind over-current and over-temperature protection offers. It’s a brilliant feature combination that, along with its low-profile size, makes it an outstanding servo choice for any driver who wants precision control in a 1/10-scale sport or racing vehicle.

Bearing: Dual
Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
Deadband: 2µs
Gear Type: Metal
Height: 1.17 in (29.7 mm)
Length: 1.63 in (41.4 mm)
Motor Type: Brushless
Servo Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4V (High Voltage)
Servo Type: Digital
Speed: 0.087 sec/60 @ 6.0V, 0.077 sec/60 @ 6.6V, 0.076 sec/60 @ 7.4V, 0.070 sec/60 @ 8.4V
Torque: 165.50 oz/in (12.44 kg/cm) @ 6.0V, 190.03 oz/in (13.69 kg/cm) @ 6.6V, 213.06 oz/in (15.35 kg/cm) @ 7.4V, 241.85 oz/in (17.42 kg/cm) @ 8.4V
Type: Brushless Low Profile Digital Servo
Weight: 2.2 oz (62 g)
Width: 0.82 in (20.8 mm)
Mer informasjon
Produsent Spektrum
Lengde (mm) 41,4
Bredde (mm) 20,8
Høyde (mm) 29,7
Trekkraft @6.0V 12,44
Trekkraft @8.4V 17,42
Hastighet @6,0V 0,078
Hastighet @8,4V 0,070
Kontakt Servo - Universal