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Key Features

  • Plug the TurboKick Supplemental Power Boost in and go, no programming required.
  • Low IR MOSFETs, generous heat sinks and low impedance connectors help provide plenty of power boost for your ESC - 50A continous and 100A burst.
  • Internal capacitor provides plenty of power boost for your ESC when you need it!
  • LED indicators for power, battery charging, Boost Power activated.
  • The TurboKick is waterproof so it can be used in all terrain vehicles and boats.
  • Similar in size to your ESC, it is easily positioned in your vehicle.


The Dynamite® TurboKick gives you instant acceleration at the touch of your finger. When activated, the TurboKick increases the voltage to the ESC by approximately 3.7–4.2V for up to 5 seconds, increasing the vehicle acceleration and top speed. Every 20 seconds you can activate the TurboKick for a maximum of 5 seconds total time. This can be 5 seconds of continuous boost or multiple shorter boosts. Fly by the competition with the Dynamite TurboKick!

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