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Tøffing. Lisensiert av Rockstar. Flotte detaljer
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    • Merke: Proboat
    • Produsent SKU: PRB09003C
    • Leverandør sku: 1015264
    Supersprek, stor og detaljert båt med 26ccm bensinmotor. Modellen leveres komplet med radioutstyr inkludert en Spektrum DX2E radio.

    Powerful water-cooled Dynamite® 26cc gas engine capable of propelling the catamaran to speeds of over 40 MPH
    To better power its behemoth size the Rockstar Catamaran comes equipped with a large-scale servo with over 270 oz.-in of torque
    Removable composite radio tray allows for easy maintenance and access to receiver and radio components
    A durable inline rudder ensures the Rockstar 48 inch catamaran will turn with precision in both directions
    Unlike most catamaran boats of this size the Rockstar 48 has a wide hull for better stability in turns and rough water
    A centrifugal clutch helps prevent the prop from spinning while the engine is at idle. This added safety measure keeps your fingers and hands safe while being handled.
    The Rockstar 48 inch catamaran comes equipped with DX2E
    A Dynamite 7.4V 5200mAh 2S 15C LiPo Receiver battery is included to power all the electronics in the hull
    Needed To Complete
    Battery Charger
    87 or Higher Octane Gasoline
    Gasoline-approved Dispensing Container
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